Expanding Reach
Geographical expansion is the best way of expanding one's reach to different parts of the world. That's why; we, at One Touch Solutions, aggressively pursue the continuous expansion of our geographical boundaries, exploring and consequently ceasing new growth opportunities in other countries.

This strategy also helps One Touch Solutions in capitalizing on the high potential opportunities in a diversified range of markets, which in turn strengthens the company's ability to withstand any business risks stemming from a focus on one particular market. That's why we exist in Canada & USA.

Constant Value Addition
Providing value added services that distinguish us from the others in this global market place is a fact that applies to all our service domains at One Touch Solutions. In our quest to survive in today's competitive market place, we are constantly striving to raise the bar every time we go evolving through a quality process; and enriching our service offerings with more value added services that clearly set us apart in the market.

Value additions is a pre-requisite in today's scenario, as it can provide the necessary impetus for strengthening our corporation; and also help in drawing more and more multinational players and customers to enter long-term partnerships with us, because of the very fact that their value for money is being optimized.

We,at One Touch Solutions, also obligate ourselves to better customize and tailor our technology solutions to precisely fit into the requirements of our customers' industries; and help our customers get an optimum value from their infrastructural investments through employing a well chalked out and planned set of sophisticated and up-to-date IT & Telecom applications and services.

Creating Constant Revenue Streams
Creating constant revenue streams is one of the basic fundamentals behind any company's survival. We, at One Touch Solutions, also strive on deriving continuous revenue streams from our customers through providing services that are renewed annually. Our contact center and BPO services are all in line with the annuity model of operations. This enables us to capitalize on the customer lifetime value, which positively impacts our financial stability, growth and position in the market.
Customer Relation Management
Keeping our customers happy is very important for us; and this can only be achieved if we are able to strengthen our relationships with them. We, at One Touch Solutions, always go an extra mile to make our clients feel more comfortable and more at ease in our company.

In order to strengthen ties with our customers to maximize their lifetime value, we continuously monitor customer satisfaction levels through tailored customer surveys. We focus on delivering high-end solutions and services that are governed by quality accreditations and various customer care methodologies. Our customer focus impacts the way we do business; we engage in exploring the customer experience and gaining customer feedback.

Consumer Focus
Our focus on our customers is always at the top of our priority level. We actively focus on delivering a wide portfolio of services into both business and consumer market. Our scope includes customer acquisition, customer service and support in a wide variety of industries.
Improving Capability & Control
The live wire scenario of high speeding growth factors and the opening up of international expansion avenues drives One Touch Solutions to re-design its business procedures and operations.

To further enhance accommodation of expansion related needs and tackling the volatile business requirements, One Touch Solutions work on attracting, developing and then retaining a rich treasure house of professional expertise, operating with high-end business automation ideas and implementing strict control on processes; all of which make up for defining our market edge over competitors; and help us strongly counter market uncertainty and competition.