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This amazing journey of beliefs was brought into life with the initiative of few self believing individuals, who were confident of turning their dreams into reality. After gaining serious insights into the future growth prospects of this business, and how it would involve in the coming times; these people went ahead taking the most important decision of their life in January 2001 at Melbourne.

Thus, One Touch Solutions (OTS) came into being to realize the dreams these few individuals had seen. Growing steadily through these years, One Touch Solutions have strongly established themselves in the field of Business support processes.

With a simple and dynamic business philosophy that emphasizes on building synergistic relationships for enabling higher growth prospects for our clients, One Touch Solutions is now gradually expanding base across the other countries of the world.

We as a service provider are fully aware of our critical role and responsibilities and the need to work closely with our clients to understand their critical parameters needed to enable quality service and performance. With the kind of services that One Touch Solutions provide; it also becomes imperative that our support staff works in close co-ordination with the clients to understand their requirements and needs, and deliver them with the precise kind of service options. After all, the domain of our operations involves some of the most key factors involving the clients' business; and their success rests entirely on the kind of services we provide to ensure the smooth running of their support operations.
Working seamlessly with our clients, One Touch Solutions now has an excellent track record of successfully executing a large number of voice based campaigns in Canada and USA in the field of call-centre related service operations.

One Touch Solutions also successfully executed campaigns across industries such as Telecom, Collections, Travel and Energy. With our continued expansion, we have also acquired a 220 seat state of the art facility in Collins Street Canada and USA. This facility is currently operating at almost 60 % capacity with more than 120 operational seats right now.

One Touch Solutions now also boasts of having the availability of trained call center agents with ample professional trainers on-site. With this facility, the new recruits can be easily trained in the required set of skills to produce quality service for our clients.

One Touch Solutions has also distinguished itself as a highly transparent company, which seeks and ensures full client participation in campaigns, and during strategies making. In order to ensure that the clients are at complete ease with us, we keep our clients up to date with all the developments and even the minutest of changes in details.

We are also alive to the changing scenario around us, and keep track of the latest innovations and technological influences that might have a bearing on our operations. That's why; we like to make sure that we are second to none when it comes to technology and reporting processes. The people at the helm of our affairs have a rich industry experience and are well versed in their respective areas.

With a focused objective to be the best call centre in Canada and across the entire length & breadth of the globe in terms of the useful value addition which we provide to our clients; we at One Touch Solutions aim to take this journey to even higher vistas, scaling bigger heights of achievements, setting un-paralleled benchmarks in service standards and in our commitment as a full service organizations to our clients world-wide.

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