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Market Research Services

The Market research services provided by One Touch Solutions can definitely provide small enterprise owners with the exact information they need for their wide range of business related queries.

Questions like:

  • Who are my customers?
  • Where are they located?
  • How much and how often will they buy?
  • What kind of products they would like to use?

Given the importance of this vast field, and the kind of impact it can have on the future business prospects of an organization; Market research does need to be undertaken on a very serious level to explore the possibilities before planning to expand in the market.

Market Research not only provides an insight into general public attitudes, opinions, user preferences, but also tell us about corporate attitudes and experiences that influence people's beliefs and spending habits. We, at One Touch Solutions, provide highly efficient way for clients to conduct quantitative as well as qualitative research.
Our marketing research types
We conduct Marketing research in many forms, including:
  • Advertising Research
  • Brand equity research
  • Brand name testing
  • Commercial eye tracking research
  • Concept testing
  • Consumer decision process research
  • Mystery shopping research
  • Copy testing research
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Ad tracking research
  • Demand estimation research
  • Distribution channel research
  • Internet strategic intelligence
  • Marketing effectiveness and analytics
  • Positioning research
  • Price elasticity testing
  • Sales forecasting research
  • Segmentation research
  • Online panel research
  • Test marketing research