inbound Call Centre Services in Ontario
Call Centre Services Ontario
Call Centre Services in Ontario

We,at One Touch Solutions, are fully focussed on providing the most comprehensive spectrum of business support services to clients. And in the process, grow to become the largest business processes service providers in the entire world.

To be recognized throughout the Canadian/American region as the leading company in the vastly expanding call center and BPO industries.

We, at One Touch Solutions, envision a better role of B2B services in the times to come and strive to be on top of the services providers by ensuring control on the 3 most critical factors of our industry…

  1. Quality
  2. Service
  3. Innovation
We at One Touch Solutions are also fully aware that our success depends on the teamwork of our people, our ability to create opportunities, our focus on value added activities and our effort to continuously improve the professionalism of our organization.

We, at One Touch Solutions, are committed to pursuing the highest levels of work excellence in each and everything that we do. We strongly feel that it is our responsibility to create a healthy atmosphere that encourages innovative minds, stresses on compassion and recognizes the uniqueness of every individual.

By bonding individual achievements with close teamwork; we aim to create more healthy work facilities that encourage better performance output from the people involved in the process.

We believe in creating excellent service standards that:

  • not just meet the customer expectations, but also succeeds in exceeding them every time.
  • create customer savvy services with maximum attention on customer specific requirements.
  • not just help in sustaining the current level of operations, but also create scope for further expansion in the times to come in the future.
We believe in Zero errors:
  • So that our clients can leave all the worries behind at our backend support system, and concentrate on their core business area with a complete sense of re-assurance.
  • So that when our clients hire us for a job, they can do it with the guarantee that their back end operations will be taken care of without any hitches or glitches.
  • Because we fully realize that the support operations that we are assigned to provide are absolutely crucial to the client's business, and any mistakes on our part can spell doomsday for their business any moment.
We believe in development of our manpower because:
  • we realize that dedicated, competent and enthusiastic people always prove to be the most valuable resource for a company and the success of its operations.
  • its' only through proper manpower development, that we can groom individuals to develop to their maximum ability, and prove to be an invaluable resource to the organization.
  • for them to contribute positively, it is important that they are treated fairly and rewarded constantly on their performance.